JBA Consulting (JBA) and Big Property Data have teamed up to create a new and affordable range of flood risk solutions enabling homebuyers or commercial property purchasers to determine and properly understand flood risk.

​The services are tailored to a range of different circumstances, providing peace of mind and assistance with buying decisions where flood risk is disclosed in an environmental search.

JBA’s specialist consultants have over 20 years’ experience in flood risk management, able to offer independent advice on what to do if you have a ‘further action on flood’ identified.


With a national network of 21 offices around the country JBA is well equipped to advise both homebuyers and commercial property purchasers.

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One of the largest property search providers in England and Wales, Big Property Data host hundreds of industry leading datasets from environmental, geological, coal and energy experts.


Big Property Data offer a wide range of comprehensive conveyancing and property reports to solicitors, conveyancers, lenders, estate agents and home buyers.